Ivan Cheng MD

Testimonial by A.S.

April 09, 2021

Dr. Cheng was the first one to believe that [S.S.]’s medical condition did have a solution.  Dr. Cheng with his remarkable expertise, without any doubt, was the perfect surgeon for this type of surgical procedure. He immediately made a big difference by giving our family hope. I am pleased to say that [S.S.] went from being in a life-threatening situation to having a normal functional life of a teenager. He is now a happy healthy young man.  He is currently attending to high school and he has a bright future ahead of him.  We are extremely fortunate and thankful for coming across such an outstanding surgeon like Dr. Cheng. Thanks to Dr. Cheng and his team for giving [S.S.] a second chance to live. We are blessed to have him in our community!

-           A.S., aunt of 16 year-old patient